03/12/2003 The filter Database is now working again. The platform has been changed from Window NT to Linux using also recent applications in graphical presentation. The filter information will be scanned again for corrections.
08/12/2006 All Basic set re-measured : EFOSC - EMMI - SUSI and most requested ones also : Stroemgren - Comet and specials Filter with ShortWavePass (swp) are noted with FWHM=0 Filter with LongWavePass (lwp) are noted with FWHM=999 Measures with Visible Precision 0.05 nm - IR precision 0.1 nm
09/30/2006 WFI filters #878 and #879 included (new B and I EIS Bessel filters Interferential type)
02/06/2007 Filter EMMIR #645 damaged on the edge (reduced aperture)
08/11/2007 Filters form Paranal FORS instrument added
10/16/2009 Filter #786 from Efosc Decommissioned and replaced by #784
10/16/2009 Filter list for Danish FASU updated
11/15/2009 four new filters for 3D-NTT - ESO#887, ... ESO#890

Created for Optics Laboratory ESO La Silla by Ricardo Bernales M. and Elena Villanueva M.


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